BAARC develops new initiative to convert sewage into bio-fertilizer


NEW DELHI- India’s premier nuclear research organization Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) has successfully developed the technology to treat municipal sewage and convert the sludge into bio-fertilizer. In a way, sewage treatment plant treats the sewage and the sludge is dried. This technology crushes the dried sludge and exposes it to a 10-kGy radiation dose. This kills the pathogens in the sludge and makes it not exposed to danger and safer to use. In the next step, Bio-NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium) microorganisms are sprayed on to it to make it into bio-fertilizer. The use of such bio-fertilizer provides organic carbon and other nutrients to the soil. The process also helps in recycling of the waste material to useful bio-fertilizer. BARC has constructed a 100 ton-per-day capacity facility at Ahmedabad under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The cold trials have been completed successfully and the facility is scheduled to be fully operational soon after radiation source loading. Another similar facility of 100 ton/day capacity will be constructed at Indore under MoU with BARC.


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