New Delhi, 31th May 2018. Share India Securities Ltd, a leading knowledge and technology driven stock broker,has reported a remarkable financial performance for FY18 and the six months period ended 31 March 2018. The Company’s consolidated net profit for FY18 rose 92. 72% to Rs 15.35 crores compared to Rs 7.96 crores posted in FY17. Company’s consolidated revenue grew 25.38% to Rs 133.30 crores compared to Rs 106.30 crore posted in FY17. The Company’s revenue for the second half of FY 2018 stood at Rs 78.60 Crores compared to Rs 54.56 crores reported in the 1st half period ended 30 Sept 2017. Net profit for the period stood at Rs 9.02 Crores compared to Rs 6.48 crores reported in the 1st half period ended 30 Sept 2017 During the year Company’s EBIDTA rose by 71.75% YoY to Rs 23.35crores while EBIDTA Margin improved to 17.51% compared to 12.78%in FY’17. PAT Margin improved 11.51% compared to 7.35% in FY’17 Commenting of the financial performance of the Company Mr. Sachin Gupta, CEO, Share India Securities Ltd said, “FY18 was a great year for us as Share India listed on the BSE SME Platform. The Company has been consistently reporting strong financial performance on account of favorablebusiness environment led by positive sentiments in the stock markets. As a business strategy the Company focused on improving the bottom line, margins and moved into newer strategic markets. The Company succeeded in growing network across Indiaaggressively targeting new clients and customers in high income markets and expanded the scale of operation” The company has acquired an NBFC, started its own merchant banking division and got registered as PMS provider to enter into new area of services. Company intends to increase its share of profit from non broking services, results of which will be visible FY19 onwards” said Mr Gupta The Company is in the process of establishing its presence in western and central India and is developing a distribution centre for various products offered by Share India to all the clients. The Company currently enjoys strong presence in North India with its business center in Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana. Share India also has significant business operations in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. The Company currently has a network of around 361 AP’s/Sub brokers registered with it spread all over India catering to the needs of our clients” added Mr Gupta.


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